(2009-2014, 2018-still going)

My love for music landed me in prison for 3 years, now I’m back, doing it the right way

rockdizmusic is the place to find new music. We showcase music from all kinds of genres from R&B to Hip-hop to Electronic and even some country, as long as the music sounds good to our ears. We also do artist promotions and features so we encourage you to reach out if you have a song you'd like to share with us whether if be yours, a friend's, or something you just want to share. We're open to any opportunity that may arise.

*The music posted on rockdizmusic are embedded from other websites and are not hosted nor owned by rockdizmusic.


Company Overview

What Does RockDizMusic mean?
Good question… Well we've read all your opinions, and you all pretty much got it right on the dot! 😀
“look cool with new music.”
“sex, drugs rock”
“your ugly”
“music is my remedy”
“It means that you can rock that music, however!..right guyz!”
“rocking the boat”
“its means rock this music on your ipod :D”
“i first thought it meant it was only rock music here…”
“I Rock To Diz Music”
“rock this music, as in bump this shit”
“Rock my music 😀 ♥"
"It's time to Rock This Music!"
"my freedom to music"
"Rock This Music!!!"
"rocky's name."
"the best thing in the world. I LOVE YOU ROCKY!!! ♥ 🙂 LOL!!"
"play this music"
"rock this music?"
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"a place to find the best rnb and hip-hop :)"
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"mean to take a listen to your music choices on ur site, you like, d/l, if not fu"